We are the children of Firefly Children’s Home in Kathmandu, Nepal.

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Firefly Children’s Home (FCH) is a registered charitable trust (CC30432) based in Kathmandu, Nepal. We work in partnership with PA Nepal founder Indira Ranamagar.

FCH cares for Nepalese village children whose parents have either passed away, disappeared, are imprisoned or are too poor to feed them. There are a hundred Firefly children who live in either our central Kathmandu home or our rural home in East Kathmandu.

In a country where there is no social security and the political situation is highly controversial, FCH provides a unique opportunity for abandoned children and orphans to be educated, loved and cared for in a traditional environment. We believe education is the key to a brighter future. We want to see these children go out and make a difference in the world – the world that is giving them a chance today.

Traveler Amanda McKay (New Zealand) was trekking in Nepal in 2004, at the end of a long civil war. Compelled to help the orphaned children, who were victims of both the war and extreme poverty, she registered the NGO called Orphan Help Center and began to build a sponsorship base. In 2009, Amanda teamed up with Nepali social worker Indira Ranamagar (Prisoners Assistance Nepal), and re-registered as Firefly Children’s Home (FCH) under the umbrella organisation PA Nepal. Indira and Amanda are a tight-knit team and have rescued over 150 children in their time together.

In 2014, the organisation “Make Learning Possible” was founded by Marion Prost, to represent Firefly in Europe.

Firefly Children’s Home exceeds most orphan centres. The passionate team aim for a friendly family environment with a focus on love, nutrition and education. Do browse our website for more information!

Every dollar you donate goes directly to the source. Every single cent you give reaches the children.

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