August 2020

I trust you are all keeping well amidst this global pandemic. The current update in Nepal for early August records more than 21,000 infected with Covid-19 and 58 deaths. Perhaps the official figures don’t reflect what is really going on in a country with over 29 million, many of whom live in real poverty.

Nepal ended a very long nationwide lockdown at the end of July, which lasted nearly 4 months. But with people returning from overseas, infected with the Covid-19 virus, parts of the country are heading back into lockdown again.

During lockdown, our children aged 12+ who attend the local village school, have been confined to the home. However, the younger children, who attend the onsite school, have been able to continue their studies with an informal curriculum. The staff are doing an outstanding job and are completely overworked as you can imagine. But all in all, the children are doing well and have lots to do as there are 100 playmates!

During lockdown one of our senior Fireflies, Arjun, entered an online Tai Kwon Do championship and placed second. Arjun is a hard worker and we are so pleased his efforts and talent were acknowledged with this fantastic award.

Indira, our remarkable social worker who oversees Firefly Home around the clock, has been extremely busy feeding homeless over lockdown. Each day she is cooking huge wok’s of food. Nepali people and businesses we are connected with, have been donating vegetables, rice and bottled water. The older children living in our Kathmandu home are tasked with cutting vegetables and food preparation. Then Indira, wearing PPE gear, heads to the streets and feeds approximately 700 waiting homeless people in Kathmandu. Her heart for humanity is bigger than Everest! What a great opportunity for our older children to give back to those less fortunate.

In July we held a fundraising Yoga Event which was a big success. Northern Arena kindly wavered hire fees for their large workout room at the gym. Firefly sponsor Daphne, led everyone into a peaceful and stretched state with her lovely yin yoga teaching and I was able to share some stories of our children, our Firefly Home and why it has been such a success in empowering these children’s futures. We all had a great afternoon; a perfect outing on a stormy Saturday afternoon. Looks like we might have to make that an annual event.

A great initiative, established by Dr Peter Hall from Family Doctors, sees his GP Practice collect gold coin donations from patients, together with a business donation, to sponsor a young Firefly called Kabir. What a great way to sponsor a child and make it affordable for all those who want to help love and uplift a little boy on the other side of the world. Thank you Family Doctors! Thank you Peter!

Currently we are working on gaining taxable Status which means that all donors will be eligible for a tax rebate on their donations. We hope to have it issued for the next financial year.

Until the next update, due in November, I will continue posting tidbits of news on our FB and Instagram pages. Obviously with border closures and quarantine restrictions, I won’t be heading up in the high season. In the meantime, I continue to communicate with our staff daily and will be sure to keep you in the loop. Thank you for supporting Firefly and helping our kids have a great life.

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