February 2021

It’s been a great start to the new year in Nepal. After 8 months of lockdown, our children are finally back at school ready and willing to learn. Puja says “I am very happy to be back in the classroom learning. I like school very much, especially English.”

Our efforts to raise funds for these beautiful children continues on this side of the world. We’d love to see you along at the next fundraiser if you are Auckland based.

With pandemic-related restrictions still in place (some businesses open alternate days and vehicles allocated certain days of the week) Nepal is handling the situation well according to the Firefly staff. “Our children, the staff and their families are not affected by Covid. Everyone is healthy at this time,” reassures Director Indira Ranamagar. 

Indira, continues to feed 800 homeless people in the streets of Kathmandu with many of the older children helping her cut vegetables and prepare meals for these people. 

Adademically, great results have been received by our older students who continued to school online during lockdown. They have passed their final year exams and will be looking into further studies to begin in April. Wahoo!

Future events planned for this year include our Firefly Yoga Day, Firefly Markets and of course any other events that supporters choose to organise.

We hope to see you at the fun run/walk event on 28 February! Thank you, as always, for your unwaivering support. Our Fireflies are grateful that you’ve got their backs!


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