July 2016

It is timely to write an update about our beautiful children at Firefly since the release of UNICEF reports (June 2016). I’m not sure if you have browsed these yet. In any case I will summarise the main statistics. The idea is not to depress you but to show you the HOPE we provide for 150 plus children in our web of love and care. (As many of you know, we also run a Girls Education Programme and we also make it our concern to provide for many babies and preschoolers who live in prison with their mothers).

UNICEF warns that 167 million children will live in extreme poverty, 60 million won’t be attending primary school, and 750 million women will have been married as children by 2030 unless inequality is tackled now. The agency believes that if all countries don’t accelerate action to improve health and education for the most disadvantaged, 69 million under fives will die from preventable causes.

At Firefly we have always made education a priority. We believe that knowledge and information is the key to getting ahead especially in a nation where poverty reigns and the government doesn’t provide.

Post earthquake, it has been a frustrating time for us and Nepali people in general. Many men and youth have fled the country, leaving women and children vulnerable to poverty, starvation and ill-health. While the government discusses rebuilding Nepal; has a new constitution, new policies and a new budget, there is no mention of or consideration for the social security of children. Our home and the projects we head up in prisons and in the community, continue to run solely off YOUR donations. Sometimes it seems like an insurmountable task, but we can only be encouraged that what we are doing is a hands-on solution to an unchanging and worsening situation in Nepal. By caring for our children, we give them a future that will undoubtedly help them avoid poverty and disease. Every day we are grateful for the beautiful children we have rescued from the poverty trap.

img_6375And check out how they are doing! Last week our children’s school results were published and they ALL passed! Santosh, now one of our oldest boys, has enrolled in college where he’ll be studying business management for one year. What a blessing to be able to fund him through his higher education! Here’s a kid who has absolutely nobody to support him. His future may have been very bleak without the support and love of Firefly. Another one of our girls, Ranjana, is being supported by her NZ sponsor family to complete an Early Childhood Teaching Qualification. Impressive!

Children in Nepal make up 48% of the total population and many of them live in poverty. They deserve a chance at life! Please share our good work with those around you. The best way we can help them is with your generosity.

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