March 2019

It’s March! Time for an update on our Fireflies. For many of us, we are looking at what has been a fast start to the year. But the Fireflies are seeing these last couple of months as the end of a great year. With the school year finishing at the end of March, the children are getting excited about moving into a new year level at school. For some of our primary/elementary aged children this means moving from our onsite school to the local school situated in the village at the bottom of the mountain. It takes a 30 minute walk to get to the school where they learn with the other children from Sankhu – a great opportunity to be away from the home, an institution, and to connect with those living in family homes.

 Last week the Fireflies were super excited to wake up to snow falling on the mountain – a rare occurrence. They donned their warm gear (thank you donors!) and jumped around excitedly forming snowballs and building snowmen. What a treat!

For the most part, the children’s days are filled with chores, school work, looking after each other and creating play from nothing. But in February, there was a special festival in Sankhu village on a weekend. The kids were escorted by staff to the village and were able o have a ride at the mobile fair. Not quite the same health and safety set up we have in our Western nations! (see pics)

Ranjana, one of our first Fireflies, is being supported by her NZ sponsors to embark on a Masters this year. It is a great achievement to get a Bachelors and beyond her wildest dreams to be able to study for her Masters. Amazing to think she was cleaning houses as an 8 year old to get by. Her sponsors must be thrilled to be making such a difference to her life.

One of our sponsors says “The ultimate way I can help a child is to provide them with an education. My money buys them two important factors as I see it; self-confidence and the ability to make choices. Without an education, it’s challenging to have a choice about how you want to live and how you want to make a living.” S. King (NZ)

As with all things in life, nothing remains the same. Changes in local laws have made it difficult for us to host volunteers. Financial bribery is not something we will adhere to, so we are looking at employing a couple more local staff to help fill the gap that volunteers have filled for so many years now. So for now, outside help comes down to donations.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help everyone. Your giving brings so much joy to the staff and children at Firefly … and hopefully to your great selves too

Amanda and the team

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