September 2018

Happy Dashain!

It is that time of year in Nepal where we celebrate the most important festival of the year; Dashain, followed by Tihar – the festival of light. During Dashain, Nepalese people enjoy annual leave and a visit back to their village to connect with relatives.

Our Fireflies enjoy a month off school, a special meal to celebrate the festival and as tradition has it, they receive a new set of clothes. A brand new outfit is an exciting annual event. The children just love it! For some, we transport them to various prisons to pay a visit to a parent who is incarcerated. The rest of the Fireflies, who don’t have parents, stay at home and spend time gardening, playing and doing chores with their Firefly family.

Our Sankhu home is operating very smoothly with two new house mothers who job share a role that is quite demanding. I personally have the greatest admiration for them. To organize a hundred children, discipline them and love them each and every day, takes a special human being!

At the moment we have a talented volunteer, Rebecca Wolffe, from the United States. She is teaching the children art for the next four months and will curate an exhibition in NZ next year to raise funds. The children are loving the opportunity to express themselves through painting. Thanks for being so dedicated and inspirational Rebecca!

Life in the developing nations runs at a much slower pace with little change from month to month. So there is not too much to report. Given the natural disasters Nepal has to regularly face, I’m very pleased to be able to say that! In a nutshell, the chickens continue to produce eggs for the meals, the goats produce milk (and lots of entertainment for the kids) and the college children are coming away with impressive exam results. These children know how lucky they are to be going to school so they put a huge effort into their studies. On a recent visit to Firefly, my own three children enjoyed sitting in on class at our onsite school. They were impressed with the work that was covered.

In early December, I will be sending you updated photos of the children. In the meantime please visit our Facebook page which has posts about Firefly

If you would like any more information, please contact me.

Thank you for your continued support.

Best regards, Amanda


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