We have 100 children in our home of which 40 still need sponsorship. Please get in touch to be become a Firefly sponsor.

Below are some inspiring stories from four of our Firefly children who have gone on to make their lives matter and achieve the bright future they were promised.



bijay-thumbnailBijay, one of the first children welcomed into our home when we set up in 2004, is now 22 years old. At age 8, both his parents had passed away and his only option was to survive on the streets of Kathmandu by making money in any way he could. We rescued him, nurtured him and sent him to school. During his teens, Bijay had a bout of jaundice which encouraged him to focus on nutrition and the consumption of a variety of vegetables – a challenge in a poor nation. This chapter in his life likely led him to become interested in sustainable farming. On leaving school, Bijay began working on a permaculture farm in East Nepal. Two years later, he is in the process of completing a permaculture diploma. Throughout his time at Firefly, Bijay was sponsored by a Belgian family. “I am so happy to my Firefly family who gave me an education. I will always be thankful. I want to help people in my country by teaching them sustainable farming methods.”


rupesh-old-thumbnailRupesh had no parents (just a grandfather who was too ill to look after him) when we welcomed him into our home at age seven. His future looked bleak, with many young orphans his age turning to drug dealership to survive. Rupesh studied well at school and also excelled at physical education. On leaving home at 17, his academic and physical prowess aided his success in being accepted into the British Army; a challenging feat. Rupesh soon flew to Manchester with other successful Nepali soldiers to complete a two year training course, earn English pounds and make visits to London during holidays. He has since been to many countries, competed in marathons and returns home annually to catch up with his Firefly family. “I know I’m lucky to have met Amanda Miss and have the education I did. I am here today because of the people, my sponsors, who supported me. My life is now a dream come true.”


punam-thumbnailPunam was living with her mother and three younger siblings when we heard of her plight. At age 8, she was cleaning houses to pay for food for her family. Her solo mother had been severely injured as a pedestrian and wasn’t able to walk or work and was in a lot of pain and financial strife. The family was literally starving so Punam was sent out to work. The reality is that many young girls working as domestic servants are trafficked into brothel work. To prevent this happening we took Punam into our home. Not academic, but very managerial, Punam became well-respected at the local school and by her early teens was teaching dance several times a week. At 17, on leaving home, Punam chose to get married. She wed a lovely young man who manages the local press agency. His family are putting Punam through college, while they look after their grandchild; Punam’s baby. Punam has her sights set on running the business with her husband and is completing the necessary business papers to see this happen. She also wants to teach dance and help young girls get the right education. “Amanda and Firefly have done so much for me and my family. I want to see that she is proud of me. Everything I do, I do it well with all my heart because I am thankful I got the help I needed.”


shanti-thumbnailShanti, now 18, was working with her mother cleaning houses in Kathmandu. Firefly employed her mother as our full-time live in cook and house mother (didi). We offered to support Shanti as well. In turn Shanti attended school and became a young hosue mother, assisting around the home with the other orphans and their chores. With brilliant school results and a hard-working mentality, Shanti is now embarking on a Bachelor of Nursing. “I know what could have happened to me. But Firefly gave me love and an education. Now I can give back to my people and make a contribution. I’ve really wanted to be a nurse and now my dream will come true.”